Best Earphones Under 1000 in India 2020

Are you still searching for Best Earphone Under 1000?
Stop! You are at the right place. Here, I have done comprehensive research on Best Earphones under 1000 and prepared a list with all the needy details and with Pros and Cons.

Best Earphone Under 1000The earphone is the neediest thing while using the phone for calls or music. From listening to our favourite music to Playing games like PUBG and Call of Duty, we often use our earphones.

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Many brands exist in the market for earphones. In such a world full of all brands, it will be not very easy for you to search for the Best Earphones Under 1000. But don’t worry because I have created a detailed list of Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 for you.

Our Top 3 Picks
Image Product Feature Price
   Our Top Pick
Skullcandy Ink’d Earphone with Mic
Powerful Bass | Supreme Sound | Tangle-free flat cable | Beautiful Looks Check On Amazon
   Our 2nd Pick
JBL T205 Earphone with Mic
JBL Pure Bass | Tangle-Free Flat cable | Comfort-Fit Soft Earbuds Check On Amazon
   Our 3rd Pick
Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones
Lightweight | Metallic Finish | Comes with wire manager Check On Amazon

The mic is also an essential part of an earphone. We don’t use earphones only for music. However, we use it for calling, recording and many more. So, mic must be present in the headset.

At the end of this topic, I have also added an impressive Buying Guide for Best Earphones Under 1000. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump directly into the list of Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000.

1. Skullcandy Ink’d Earphone with Mic

The Branded Earphone which topped our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 in India is Skullcandy S2IKJY-528 Ink’d Earphone with Mic. Skullcandy is a reputed leading brand when it comes to the Branded Earphone segment of India.

Skullcandy Best Earphones Under 1000The best part of this earphone is its Flat wire. The cable is tangle-free, and it won’t get tangled even in your pocket. The main highlights of this earphone are Powerful Bass and Supreme sound.

This earphone comes with an inbuilt mic so that you can use it for hands-free voice calling. This Branded Earphone also comes with a Pause/Play Button. This button also helps in picking or dropping the called directly from your earphone.

The stems of the earphone are made of rubber and they flex a bit. Skullcandy provides two different sizes of soft tips. The gold plated 3.5mm jack is a great addition. It would have been great if Skullcandy had added volume controls as well but we aren’t really complaining.

The Skullcandy actively advertises 11mm drivers for better bass output in the Ink’d 2, which are incidentally the same as the first-generation Ink’d. We are glad that the revised edition of the Ink’d have a flat cable. It is extremely thin but sturdy and we expect it not to snap in regular usage. But since it is thin, tangling cannot be avoided which is the USP of flat cables.

Apart from these, the best thing to notice is that even after 1.6 Lakh+ ratings and reviews, this earphone stands with a rating of 4.0 / 5 😎 . Besides, let’s look at some of the key points of this branded earphone. Probably this is the Best Earphones in India Under 1000.

Key Points :
ColorGray Mint
Available ColorsBlue/Sunset, Pink, White, Brown, Red & Black, Gray Mint
Weight18.1 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty2 Years
  • Powerfull Bass
  • Supreme Sound
  • Tangle-free Flat cable
  • Beautiful Looks
  • No Cons. at all
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2. JBL T205 Earphone with Mic

The branded earphone which occupies the second position of our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is JBL T205 Pure Bass Metal Earbud Headphones with Mic. JBL is also expensive brand when it comes to earphones in India.

JBL Best Earphones Under 1000For around 70 years, JBL has engineered the precise, impressive sound found in big venues around the world. These earphones reproduce that same JBL sound, punching out bass that’s both deep and powerful.

The soft, ergonomically shaped earbuds allow you to enjoy your music in full comfort. The high-quality finish gives this earphone a refined and stylish look. The cable of this branded earphone is also tangle-free.

The JBL T205 doesn’t come with ear tips. Instead, they’re contoured like the newer iPhone buds. They fit comfortably in my ears but don’t provide any seal.

So, there’s no sound isolation, and if you tend to have problems finding the right fit, these might not be for you. The upshot is that you don’t have to worry about losing the tips and buying new earphones.

The clarity is not spectacular, but less muddy than I expected. The JBL T205 do very well in the pop, hip-hop and EDM genres. The mids are present enough, which means that rock doesn’t sound too shabby either. And the call clarity is very good.

Apart from these, this earphone gets an amazing rating of 4.0 / 5 😀  across e-commerce websites in India. If you are looking for the Best Earphones in India, then you can probably go for this branded earphone from JBL.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlack, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver
Weight34 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • JBL Pure Bass
  • Tangle-Free flat cable
  • Comfort Fit Soft Earbuds
  • Premium metalized ear-housing
  • Bit Heavy
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3. Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones

The earphone which gets the third position on our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic. With six different colours to choose from, you can pick the one that suits your style.

Sony Best earphone under 1000This branded earphone comes with soft earbuds for comfort and stability that pleases your ears. This earphone is so lightweight that you can easily enjoy your music without any discomfort.

This Sony earphone comes with a wire manager to save your headphones wire from getting tangled. This comes with different Comfortable Secure Fitting Silicone Earbuds.

This Sony earphone is available in three new metallic finish housing colours to choose from, pick whichever matches your individual fashion taste. This Sony earphone lets you enjoy comfort and stability with soft fit earbuds, and is designed to please your ears.

You can easily personalize your headset with this easy-to-use application. Configure your mic button to chose from Volume control or track control functions. Download the application from the play store and follow easy instructions to set functions from the mic button. This application is compatible with Andriod 4.0 and above.

The wideband frequency range – spanning 5Hz to 24kHz helps to hear the detail in every track and stay in tune with all your music. Sony is well known for its comfortable earphone and budget-friendly range.

Above all, the best thing to notice is that even after 20000+ reviews and ratings, this earphone stands with an outstanding rating of 4.0 / 5 😈 . If you are looking for the branded Best Earphones in India 2020, then you can consider going for this one.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlack, and Blue
Weightxx g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Lightweight
  • Metalic Finish
  • Comes with wire manager
  • No Cons.
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4. JBL T110 Earphones with Mic

The Branded earphone, which is rewarded with the fourth position of our list of Best Earphones Under 1000, is JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones with Mic. JBL is going to dominate this list because this brand provides the best headsets in this range.

Best earphones under 1000 This earphone is lightweight, durable, and compact. The comfortable earbuds won’t even bother a bit in your ears. Besides, the single-button remote on a tangle-free flat cable lets you control music playback, as well as answer calls on the fly with a built-in microphone.

Tangling of wire is the most irritating thing with it. But, this earphone’s cable is tangle-free, and it won’t irritate you while using. The flat cable of this earphone is a lot durable.

They’re lightweight, comfortable, and compact. Under the durable earpiece housing, a pair of 9mm drivers punch out some serious bass, reproducing the JBL Pure Bass sound you’ve experienced in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios around the world.

For over 60 years, JBL has engineered the precise, impressive sound found in big venues around the world. These headphones reproduce that same JBL sound, punching out the bass that’s both deep and powerful.

This JBL T110 earphone is one of the toughest competitors in this budget segment of headsets under 1000.

Apart from these, this earphone stands with a rating of 4.1 / 5 😆  even after 6000+ reviews and ratings across e-commerce websites in India. If you are looking for the Best Earphones in India 2020, then you can probably go for this branded one.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlue, White, Red, and Black
Weight13.6 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Lightweight
  • Pure JBL Bass
  • Premium quality
  • Tangle-free wire
  • No Cons.
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5. boAt Nirvana Uno in-Ear Earphones with Mic

Here comes the earphone which gets the fifth position on our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is boAt Nirvana Uno in-Ear Earphones with Mic. The boAt is the fastest emerging and growing brand in the earphone and headphone sector in India.

The best part of the boAt earphone is that it provides a replacement for one year, i.e. if your headset faces any problem within the warranty period, it will be replaced.

Best earphones under 1000  boAt The boAt UNO is an In-Ear Headphone from boAt’s Nirvana range, specially designed to give you and your music an incredible experience. UNO sports a Memory Wire, which remembers the shape and fit for your ear and adjusts to your ear shape accordingly. It further enables you to achieve the perfect fit with ease.

The boAt Nirvana UNO Wired Earphones features an HD microphone to make crystal clear calls. You can easily play/pause music or answer/end calls with just one-click, track forward with two-clicks, or back with three clicks. This earphone is too convenient and user-friendly.

Nirvana Uno comes with a fantastic amalgamation of style with the protection. To ensure additional protection from the threat of corrosion or damage, Uno comes with layers of superior tough wire coating.

While the earphones are extremely user-friendly & stylish, extruding premium coating onto wire cable is a manufacturing process that we’ve performing and refining since our company’s inception.

Apart from these, the best part to notice is that this earphone stands with a rating of 4.1 / 5 😛 , even after 8000+ ratings. If you are looking for the Best Earphones in India 2020, then you can go for my personal favorite brand boAt without any doubt.

Key Points :
Available ColorsOnly Black
Weightxx g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Elegant Design
  • Perfect Fitting
  • HD microphone
  • Great After-Sales Support
  • No Cons.
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6. Sennheiser CX 180 Street In-Ear Headphone

No. sixth on our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone. Sennheiser is also one of the most premium and expensive brands in the earphone category in India.

Sennheiser CX180, Best earphones under 1000This earphone is a Wired in-the-ear headphone without a microphone/ button to control volume. It’s obvious that you won’t get all these in this budget price range from Sennheiser.

This Sennheiser earphone comes with powerful bass-driven stereo sound. The best part of this earphone is that it cancels the outside ambient noise for perfect music listening experience.

This headset is well optimized for the gaming experience. The cable is 1.2 m long which gives you enough space between you and your device.

On the design front, the Sennheiser CX180 is simple and functional. It’s also incredibly light and comfortable, which ensures ease of use over long periods. The only flaw is the cable, which is thin, tangle-prone, and extremely susceptible to cable noise.

This awesome earphone is entirely made of plastic that has a glossy finish on the front and a dull finish on the back, which has been designed in such a way that it’s possible to grip each earphone between your finger and thumb for insertion and removal.

Besides, the best part to notice is that even after 2 Lakh+ reviews & ratings, this earphone stands with an outstanding rating of 4. 3 / 5 😛 . If you are looking for the branded Best Earphones in India 2020, then you should probably go for this one.

Key Points :
Available ColorsOnly Black
Weight68 g
Play Pause ButtonNo
Warranty2 Years
  • Eliminates background noise
  • Impeccable bass
  • Powerful sound reproduction
  • No Mic
  • No Control button
  • Too Heavy
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7. JBL C200SI Earphones with Mic

The branded earphone, which gets the seventh position on our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones. JBL is quite dominating this list. Not only by its brand name but also by its performance.

JBL best earphones under 1000This earphone comes with a JBL signature sound and a truly powerful bass. The new JBL C200SI is a dynamic, ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone.

This JBL earphone is feather-light for all-day comfort. The In-line microphone with universal remote control lets you talk and manage your calls on Android and iOS devices.

This headphone comes with three and angled fit earplugs, which makes the earphones more comfortable to be worn for longer hours. You can also activate the google assistant with long pressing the inline button.

The 3.5mm gold plating on the jack provides improved lossless connectivity and better data transfer. One-button universal remote with Noise isolation microphone enables you to answer and manage your calls effortlessly and without any hindrance.

The premium finish pertaining to the color and material used in the product makes it stand out and is sure to turn a lot of heads. This finish gives it an elegant look and feels while wearing up and using.

Its powerful 9mm drivers deliver the feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and legendary sound quality you expect from JBL. JBL is dominating in this price segment of under 1000.

Besides, even after 11000+ reviews and ratings, this earphone stands with a rating of 4.1 / 5 :mrgreen:  across e-commerce websites in India. Apart from these, you are in need of a branded one and you are looking for the Best Earphones in India 2020, then you can probably go for this one.

Key Points :
ColorMystic Blue
Available ColorsMystic Blue, and Gun Metal
Weight18 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Premium Metallic Finish
  • Angles in-ear design
  • JBL Pure Bass
  • Elegant Design and Texture
  • No Cons. at All
Click here to See this Product on Amazon

8. boAt Bassheads 103 Earphone with Mic

Here comes the earphone which gets the eighth position on our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is boAt Bassheads 103 Wired Earphones. The boAt is the fastest emerging and growing brand in the earphone and headphone sector in India.

The best part of the boAt earphone is that it provides a replacement for one year, i.e. if your headset faces any problem within the warranty period, it will be replaced.

boAt best earphones under 1000This earphone comes with beautiful looks and performance. This boAt earphone is specially made for the persons who like super extra-bass. The matte finish provides this earphone with a glossy and premium look.

With an inbuilt voice assistant, you can easily control your phone with this earphone. The elegant tangle-free cable is what you want from your earphones, and this comes with that.

With the in-line multi-function button, you can easily control your music playback and answer the calls. The built-in microphone enables you with a perfect hands-free experience.

We often put our earphones in the jeans pocket, and after removing it, it gets tangles. But this isn’t the case with this earphone. You will get a tangle free cable, which will be easy to manage.

The boat is an established and trendy brand in the current Indian online market scenario. Products by the brand Boat are available at stores like tatacliq, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm mall, Snapdeal, etc. 

The best part of this earphone is that even after 11000+ reviews and ratings, this stands with 4.1 / 5 😆 . If you will ask me which is the Best Earphone in India 2020, I will surely suggest you go for a boAt earphone.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlue, Red, and Black
Weight13.6 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Premium Matte Finish
  • Lightweight
  • Super bass
  • Best after-sales service
  • No Cons. at All
Click here to See this Product on Amazon Click here to check this product in Flipkart

9. Realme Buds 2 Wired Earphone with Mic

The earphone which gains the ninth position of our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 is Realme Buds 2 Wired Headset with Mic. Realme specially designs Realme Earbuds for Realme devices.

This doesn’t mean that this earphone is only for realme phone, it works like charms on other devices as well. This earphone comes in a matte finish and looks quite premium.

Realme Earbuds 2, Best Earphones Under 1000The inline remote features three tactile buttons and a mic, so you can control your music and videos, incoming calls, and even summon your voice assistant directly at the touch of a button.

The TPU cable makes this earphone quite robust and durable. Realme Buds 2 features built-in magnets and a cable strap which are designed to provide the ultimate solution for neatly storing your earphones.

The bass response was definitely elevated compared to the mid-range, and the bass was even a bit more aggressive than the highs. However, the sound was clean for the most part, comfortable to listen to, and could get very loud.

The punchy bass might cause a bit of fatigue at high volumes over time, but listeners who prefer it strong will appreciate the attack and aggression that Realme Buds 2 brings.

We also quite liked the openness and soundstage of the earphones, which are considerably better and cleaner than on any other earphones priced below Rs. 1,000 that we’ve listened to.

Above all, even after 15000+ reviews and ratings, this earphone gains a rating of 4.5 / 5 🙂  and is the Best rated earphone in this List of Top 10 Best Earphones in India 2020.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlack, Green, and Orange
Weight13.6 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty6 Months
  • TPU Cable
  • Tangle-Free Design
  • Built-in Magnets
  • Premium Looks 
  • Powerful Punchy Bass
  • Beast at this price
  • No Cons.
Click here to See this Product on Amazon Click here to check this product in Flipkart

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10. Philips Earphone with Mic

Last but not least, on our list of Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 is Philips Headphones with Mic. This earphone is famous today for their compact design and the fact that you can comfortably wear them under a hat or a helmet.

Phillips Best Earphones Under 1000This headset is light and compact enough for the gym without sacrificing on audio quality. This earbud is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

The sound that these earphones output is of top-notch quality in terms of accuracy and enjoyability. With a defined bass and a treble that does not overpower the mids, the Philips earphones give you a fully-balanced audio experience.

These in-ear headphones are perfect for more or less every situation you can think of throwing at them – running, biking, hiking, or simply walking around town.

The earphones are lightweight and of the right size. With a design that helps minimize ear canal fatigue and pressure points, these earphones can be worn for long listening sessions.

The Philips earphones have a lot to offer. Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, these earphones also produce impressive sound quality with a sound signature that is true to life.

If you are sick of rubberized earbuds and looking for some comfortable ones, then you will surely find it on our Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 list. The ear tips perfectly fit in your ear, giving you an immense comfortability. You can easily wear this anytime.

Above all, this Phillips earphones gets a rating of 3.6 / 5 😕 . If you are looking for the Budget-friendly Best Earphones in India 2020, then you can consider going for this earphone.

Key Points :
Available ColorsBlack, and White
Weight13.6 g
Play Pause ButtonYes
Warranty1 Year
  • Great Built quality
  • Can easily wear under a helmet
  • Comfortable
  • Decent Looks
Click here to See this Product on Amazon Click here to check this product in Flipkart

Buying guide for Best Earphones Under 1000


The microphone is one of the essential things of an earphone. With the mic, you can talk with anyone without holding the phone to your ears. And in the gaming trends like now, the mic is the most important thing while playing PUBG for voice chat.

Remote Button

The inbuilt remote button helps a lot while you are doing something and you are unable to touch your phone. With the help of this remote button of your earphone, you can easily pick up & cut the call. You can also change the songs, i.e. you can play the next song, the previous song as well as you can also pause the music.

Ear Buds

The comfortable and softness of the rubber earbud also play an essential role. If the cushion of the earbud won’t be soft, you will be removing the earphone after regular usage. If the earbud rubber is soft, you won’t be removing it even after prolonged usage.

Waterproof or Sweat-Resistant

Sometimes, we get stuck in the rain. At that time, we cannot use our phones. So, a waterproof earphone proves to be lifesaving in this situation. The earphone won’t get damaged even in the splash. But, the thing is that waterproof or sweatproof earphone will cost you a lot. You can get a sweatproof Earphones under 1000.


Yes, this is the most significant factor while buying the Best Earphone. The more you will go up with the price, the best you will get. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get the Best earphones under 1000. I have gone through every headset in this list, and all are fabulous. You won’t get any other earphone better than these mentioned on our list.


The wire is the essential thing while buying the Best Earphones Under 1000. Always go for an earphone whose cable is tangle-free. Tangled cables are a lot irritating while using it. They get tangled around itself and took a lot of time and effort to sort out. Also, look for the wire used in making the cable.

The copper wires are the best. Must of the earphone of the above list comes with tangle-free cables and copper wires. So, you can blindly choose the Best Earphone under 1000 from the above list.


The warranty also plays a significant role while choosing the Best earphone under 1000 for you. If the Branded earphone under 1000 provides a good warranty and after-sales support, you will not be worried about your headset any longer. In the warranty sector, I personally prefer that go for boAt. boAt’s after-sales support is fantastic.

So here is the finalized list of Best Earphones Under 1000 in India 2020:




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This list was fully unbiased, and I have made the best comparison of all the earphone before putting them in the list. All are superb under 1000. And if you are looking for Best Earphone for PUBG, you can definitely go for one of this list. The quality won’t disappoint you.

This was our top 10 list of Best Earphones Under 1000 in India. I did comprehensive research and came up with my final list. Hope this article resulted to be beneficial for you. If you liked this article and have any queries and suggestions then feel free to write in the Comment section below. if you want me to Post furthermore top 10 articles then feel free to write the topic in the comment section below or write a mail to me. You will get the mail id in Contact Us Section.

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