Springtek Mattress Review- Are they Worth? Detailed Review

Sleeping peacefully & comfortably is a must-have thing which we desire from our day to day life. And for sleeping confortabily, we need a mattress. So, we came up with the Springtek Mattress Review article.

Look, everyone sleeps, but the problem is the comfortability. Someone sleeps in the foothpath whereas someone sleeps in a luxary & comfortable mattress. What do you want? Obviously a mattress which will give you immense comfort while you sleep.

springtek mattress reviewThere are a tonn of mattress brands available in the market, but choosing the best one could be a bit difficult for you. But you don’t have to worry about this issue because I have already done this task for you.

I have created the lists of top 10 best mattresses based on your requirements. You will find the links of all of them below.

Talking about this topic, you are here for the review of Springtek Mattress. I have not used this mattress for too long, yet I slept on it over a few months.

And, in this article, I will share my experiences which I felt with this mattress in these months. I will include in-depth review & my expereence in different segments.

This Springtek Mattress brand has a wide range of mattresses for every need of yours. You will find mattresses ranging from orthopedic, spring, latex, and mattress for back pain.

Overall Quality

Talking abou the the quality of the springtek mattresses, they are of great quality. I have used them very roughly, still I haven’t seen any wear & tear in it.

The springs & coils of these mattresses gives supreme comfort to your back & spine. These mattresses are equipped with stainless steel coils which prevents any sudden impact if you slept with sudden force.

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The amazing padding of this mattress gives superior comfort & longer product life. It also has right amount of firmness that relives the pressure points of your body & gives you comfort.


I have used this mattress for a few months & I must say that the durability is great. I have used it very harshly & it went well in my expectations. The upper cover of this mattress is also very tough & thick.

Although the upper cover is more prone to getting dirty. So, I would suggest you to cover your mattress with some bedsheets or mattress protectors.

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Also, the firmness is quite durable too. You won’t feel any kind of lowering in the firmness. Also, it adapts according to your body shape & you will also feel no disturbance while your partner moves in his/her position.

Type of Mattresses this brand has

This brand has a wide range of mattresses. I have mentioned all of them with their links so that you can check the latest pricing of these.

  1. Latex Mattress: Click Here to Check Latest Price
  2. Memory Foam Mattress: Click Here to Check Latest Price
  3. Orthopedic Mattress: Click Here to Check Latest Price
  4. Pocket Spring: Click Here to Check Latest Price
  5. Folding Mattress: Click Here to Check Latest Price
  6. Coir Mattress: Click Here to Check Latest Price

All these mattresses has high ratings & reviews. I have listed all the kind of the best mattresses above with links in our article of Springtek Mattress Review.


Firmness is the most crucial & sensitive part of a mattress. If the firmness won’t be perfect, it will not be comfortable. The firmness being too high & too low are both not proper. You should go with the exact firmness mattress.

The best thing about this mattress brand is that it has differant firmness level mattress. You can go with the firmness level which best suits you & which is best for your body.

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These mattress provides you with excellent cushioning for your body & takes away any kind of discomfort. As far as the mattress I use is concerned, it has medium-firm in the top side & high-firm in the back side.


The warranty is the best part of this mattress. You will get long 11-year warranty with the mattresses from Springtek mattress. Also, you will get excellent after-sales service.

Also, if you have any problem with this mattress initially, you will get free replacement. This warranty ensures that this brand provides with high-quality products. It ensures customer satisfaction.


Talking About the pricing, the mattresses from Springtek is quite cheaper than the other mattress brands. It is way cheaper than the other competeting brands. This is the reason why this mattress is getting sold these much.

Around 10k to 15k, you will get the best mattress which you desire.

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There was nothing much to write about this mattress. I have tried to include almost everything about this mattress. If you want to buy the best mattress in India 2022, you can click on the below links to buy one. Click here to check the price of this product on AmazonIf you are looking for the best budget mattress, this brand can serve you better. You can choose if you have less budget & want a good mattress.