How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine? – Full Guide by Topthingz

Purchasing a washing machine is a difficult task. There are so many different types of washing machines out there. Also, using it could be a it tricky. In this article, we will let you know How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

With terminologies like fully automatic, semi-automatic, top load, and front load machines being bandied around, how do you know which one is suitable for you?

Learn how to operate a fully automatic washing machine and everything you need to know about them by continuing reading.How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Washing Machines: The Basics

When choosing a washer or a washing machine, keep the following factors in mind:


Do you desire a washing machine that takes care of everything for you with a single button press? Do you have a lot of laundries to do?


Buying a washing machine can be expensive, depending on the model, brand, and amenities, but there are many excellent washing machines on the market to fit various budgets.

Loading Capacity

Do you have a large family and a lot of laundries to do? A large family, a single person, or a couple would need a giant machine, but a small family, a single person, or a couple might do with a smaller machine.

Option for loading

How much room do you have to work with? Are you looking to save more energy or water? Do you prefer a washing machine that loads from the top or one that loads from the side?

Once you’ve determined your washing requirements, you’ll need to determine which washing machine is best for you.

What is a fully automatic washing machine?

A fully automatic machine does exactly what its name says: it comes with various programs and washing modes that can be activated at the touch of a button. Everything is done automatically by the machine, so once you’ve chosen your program, all you have to do is switch it on.

Compared to semi-automatic washing machines, fully-automatic washing machines are more expensive, often ranging from RS 9,000/- to 80,000/-, and sometimes much more. However, the advantages outweigh the costs because they not only make the washing process easier but also have a built-in heating system that regulates the hot washing cycle.

Another advantage of a fully automatic washing machine is that it cleans clothes more thoroughly than a semi-automatic washer.

What kind of fully automatic washing machines are there?

The load kinds are the essential variations between fully automatic washing machine types. There are two types of washing machines: top load and front load.

Top load washing machines load from the top, while front load washing machines load from the side. So, which sort of fully automatic washing machine is ideal for you?

Top load fully-automatic washing machines

This washing machine is narrower than front-loading machines, and it is loaded by lifting the cover from the top.How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine


  • Weight is lighter.
  • There are several top load washing machine models to choose from when purchasing a fully automatic washing machine.
  • You only need to set the settings of your washing machine, and the machine will take care of the rest, from washing to drying, depending on the model.
  • The machine is more ergonomically designed, so you won’t have to bend down to load and unload it.


  • More water is consumed.
  • To finish the automatic cycle, you’ll need a supply of running water.
  • There are fewer programs and features in a top-loading machine than in a front-loading machine.

Front-load fully-automatic washing machines

These washing machines, rather than loading from the top, feature a door on the front side, hence the name.How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine


  • Longer wash cycles and tumble drying provide better wash quality.
  • More water-saving.
  • There are more cycle options.
  • Reduce your energy consumption.


  • It is more costly.
  • Longer wash cycles are possible.
  • Models with a bottom load are heavier than those with a top load.
  • It takes up more room than a top-loading washer.
  • It must be installed in one location and cannot be moved about once it is in place.
  • Small loading capacities are required.

How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

Since each machine is unique, make sure you read the instruction manual that came with it. The instructions will tell you all you need to know about your machine and how it operates. When it comes to washing your clothes, though, the methods are nearly identical.

A step-by-step guide to use Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. Add your dirty laundry

Add your garments to the machine once you’ve examined the fabric care labels and sorted your laundry.

2. Dose detergent

Add your garments to the machine once you’ve examined the fabric care labels and sorted your laundry.

3. Add detergent

A detergent drawer is commonly seen in front-loading washing machines. Put the necessary amount of detergent in the drawer, or if you don’t have one, put it on the machine’s drum with the garments.

4. Select the right cycle on your machine

Using the control panel on your machine, select the washing cycle you want to use.

5. Choose the temperature

Follow the instructions on the fabric care labels if you have the opportunity to adjust the temperature of your wash.

6. Unload as soon as the cycle finishes

This helps to keep your clothes fresh and prevents creases.

It is ultimately up to you to select the appropriate washer. But, regardless of which fully-automatic washing machine you use, make sure you use the appropriate detergent.

So, this was all from my side in the article of How to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine. I hope I was able to make it clear to you. Also, if you have any query left, feel free to ask it in the comments section below.