How To Deep Clean Your Car

Wintertime is a good time to give your car a thorough cleaning. Intensive use, long hours behind the wheel, numerous kilometers driven, visits to coastal areas, possibly a detour off the beaten path; all add up to more dirt in the car. Today, we’ll look at how we can get rid of the most encrusted filth we’ve managed to gather during the summer in our article of  How To Deep Clean Your Car.How To Deep Clean Your Car

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How to clean the exteriors?

You can use a water hose to spray water on the exterior of the car and get into the various crevices of the automobile. Alternatively, you can travel a few more kilometers to a peaceful washing station. Although a good amount of natural light will help you see the dirt better both inside and outside, it is preferable if the car is kept out of the sunlight is not direct.

It is best to clean your car towards evening time or early in the morning. The water may evaporate prematurely during the hottest hours, leaving droplet imprints on the bodywork. Even soapy water in the early phases can dry up, leaving residues that are difficult to remove afterward. This is counter-productive to what you set out to do.

You should also keep in mind that, having just returned from a lengthy journey, you will have a fair dosage of insects on the front bumper and dirt entrenched in the underbody. A great tip to try is to remove the most stubborn remnants by washing the car after a rainy day.

We recommend that you wash your car yourself. It’s convenient and quick, and the outcomes are usually satisfactory as you know and will care for your car better than anyone else. For the better knowledge on How To Deep Clean Your Car, you must read this entire article.

To help the dirt come out better, cover the dirtiest spots with an old sheet or a previously wet towel. When possible, avoid touching the surface because it can leave minor scratches, even if they are hardly noticeable.

You should maintain low water pressure so that it cleans the body gently without leaving any scars. It is also unnecessary to spend a long time in the same region.

When it comes to car cleaning, it’s important to know what to do first. Cleaning should be carried out in stages. First, you must apply a pre-wash solution to the most troublesome locations, such as the tires, where particles that are particularly difficult to remove gather.

After that, you should cover the surrounding areas, such as the wheel arches, underbody, and front. As you move around the car, you will retain an order by going from top to bottom and from one side to the other in an oblique direction (never perpendicular to the body). As a result, you will be able to eliminate the dirt, soap, and other items that you have used more gradually and effectively.

Once you have thoroughly applied the cleaning solution, you must wash everything. This is the ultimate point of exterior cleaning. Spray your car with low-pressure water to clean the solution out thoroughly. The simplest solution is to use a towel or microfiber mop to break up the accumulations of water (drops) that could leave a yellowish mark on a gleaming body.

If you prefer a meticulous clean that looks professional, you can complete the cleaning procedure by thoroughly drying the paint and then applying protective wax to protect and brighten it. You can also polish the headlights with specific products made to serve the same purpose. So, you have seen how to clean the exteriors on our article on How To Deep Clean Your Car.

How to clean the interiors?


It’s not uncommon for the dashboard of your car to become clogged with dust and grime, even in the vents, or to become stained with food or drink. A good idea is to hydrate the plastics on the dashboard, as they can discolor or break as a result of the sun’s impact. Vacuum the dashboard, including the vents, to eliminate dust.

A portable vacuum with a brush mouth is a good option for cleaning the dashboard. You can invest in the best vacuum cleaner for car use so that you can easily clean your car at home. You’ll be able to reach the edges more easily and avoid scratching the plastics. Not to mention the additional money-saving benefits of cleaning your car yourself.


Remove the car mats and shake them before brushing them – if you find hair on the carpet, use a cleaning brush; then vacuum them with your portable vacuum cleaner until all small particles and sand are gone. The carpet in the front and back of the car should be cleaned in the same way.

Car Seats

Car seats often get splashed with food or drink or may have crumbs. If you often travel with small children, there’s a chance. Vacuum them thoroughly and use a brush to remove dirt, particularly in the most difficult-to-reach areas, such as the seat guides.

Apply diluted APC on the seat without wetting it. Using a microfiber cloth, rub the surface in circular strokes. Rep the procedure until all of the dirt has been eliminated. Apply APC to targeted stains and scrub them with a delicate bristle brush. Wipe the upholstery with a dry towel once the stains have been gone.

Go to a professional washing center if you can’t get rid of the toughest stains at home. They will clean your seats with a machine that injects detergent water under pressure through one mouth and vacuums the filth out through the other. Make use of particular items, such as a cleanser and a conditioner. To eliminate grime, spray the cleaner on the seats and scrub them with a soft bristle brush.

To avoid scratching the skin of your seats, remove the remnants of any grime with a clean microfiber towel without scrubbing. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the seat to dry completely. Use a sponge to apply a conditioning solution. Allow the product to absorb for about 10 minutes before removing the residue.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and attain a clean, grime-free, brand-new-looking car! So, this was all from our side on this article of How To Deep Clean Your Car.