boAt Rockerz 400 Review- In-depth Review & Analysis

Hello techies! Are you planning to buy the boAt Rockerz 400? Do you need an over the head headphone? You must rest assured because you are in the right place & in this very post, I am going to give you the boAt Rockerz 400 Review.

I must tell you that boAt Rockerz 400 has ruled over the overhead mid-range Bluetooth headsets. I am personally saying, while travelling, I have seen many users using the same headphone.

I have been using these headphones for the past four years, so you can trust this review blindly because I have felt every single thing in this headphone.

Caution: This review is not a paid sponsor. So, rest assured about the authenticity of the features I am going to elaborate on in this very article.

Talking about the usage, I have used this headphone in almost every way, from listening to music to playing BGMI or PUBG, or doing hands-free calls. I will tell you every pro & con related to this headphone.boAt Rockerz 400 Review | Click here to Check the Price of this Product on Amazon

Now, talking about the pricing of this headphone, it will cost you around Rs.999 (during sales) to Rs.1499 during normal days. So, pricing is quite aggressive considering the quality of the headphone.

So, without any further delay, let me get directly to the in-depth boAt Rockerz 400 Review.

boAt Rockerz 400 Review

Build Quality

Mmm, this is certainly one of the most controversial parts of boAt Rockerz 400.
Considering the pricing, the build quality of this boAt Rockerz 400 is quite nice. If you use it regularly without any wear & tear and without dropping it, it will certainly last long.

I have been using this headphone for the last four years & I have broken them two times. The reason is that I am careless & I have dropped it many times.

However, if you are a guy who takes care of their goodies quite well, then you certainly opt for this headphone.

Besides, the weakest part of the body of this boAt Rockerz 400 is the headband. I don’t know if I am calling the name right, but the band joints the two earcups.

If you will use this headphone with force & spreading the two cups large while wearing them, you will damage the headphone. So, use it carefully.

Besides, the build quality of the earcups is quite solid & they do not tend to break easily. I have dropped this headphone many times & the earcups are never damaged.

The out of the box AUX cable & Charging cable is quite good too. Their build quality is amazing. The wire is thick & they do not tend to break easily.

So, this was the in-depth analysis of the build quality part of this headphone on our article on boAt Rockerz 400.

Build Quality Rating: 7/10


This is one of the most important aspects a person looks at in their headphone. The headphone you wear or use to listen to music should be comfortable.

Look, we listen to music to heal ourselves or to give us relief. And, if a headphone gives you pain in search of relief, then it is the worst thing.

Talking about the comfortability of this headphone, it is comfortable.

Initially, when your headphones are brand new, they could cause you ear pain while wearing them for more than 10 minutes. But after a few days of regular usage, it will definitely get the perfect shape of your head & will no longer feel uncomfortable or give you pain.

Trust me. I have used these headphones regularly for about 4 to 5 hours while playing PUBG. So, starting will make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but upon regular usage, you will feel like a feather touch on your head.

The cushions of this headphone is quite soft. Especially the red & black coloured one looks elegant. I love this red & black colour because it looks sexy & the cushions give you a leather feel.

You can easily wear this headphone from any side. It won’t drop. The best thing about this headphone is that it is pretty lightweight compared to the other ones in this price range.
So, this was all in the comfortability field on our article of boAt Rockerz 400 Review.

Comfortability Rating: 8/10

Sound Quality

Here comes the most crucial aspect for which you are here. I must say, the sound quality of this headphone is just insane. The loudness is quite good. The bass is perfect.

For some heavy bass songs, you will feel a DJ-like sensation in your ears, giving you goosebumps while hearing.

The sound quality is the only reason why I am buying this headphone again and again in the past four years. I just loved it.

Let me mention some of the technical sound specifications of boAt rockerz 400:

  • Lowest Frequency: 20Hz
  • Highest Frequency: 20000Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 108dB/mW
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Driver unit size: 40mm

These were some of the technical sound specifications of boAt rockerz 400 on our article of boAt Rockerz 400.

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This headphone has passive noise reduction. If you listen to music on this headphone, you will hear minimal noise or no noise from outside. The earcups sit tightly in their place & give you the best music listening experience.

If you need suggestions about this headphone, then my opinion would be that if you need a headphone for listening to music, you must go with this one.

Sound Quality Rating: 9/10


The design of this headphone is quite decent. It is not that messy.

This headphone can be used both wirelessly & with wire. An AUX cable is provided with the box for using it while the battery is dead.

There are many colour options available with this headphones. You can opt as per your choice. However, I personally like the red coloured one.
The headphone is foldable & can be folded near the earcups.

There are music control buttons available in the right earcup. You can control your music playback, phone call control, and volume with these buttons.

Also, the strap part which joints the earcups comes with cushioning for comfortability. The two sides of the earcups have a bold boAt logo in them. Personally saying, I really liked the design of this boAt rockerz 400.

And, this was all from my side in the design part of this headphone on our article of boAt Rockerz 400 Review.

Design Rating: 8/10

Battery Life

The battery life of this headphone is quite good. On a full charge, you will get around 8 hours of battery life with this headphone. I must say that it is quite good.

The best thing about boAt rockerz 400 is that when your battery gets dead, you can still use the headphone via an AUX cable & listen to your fav. music. So, the enjoyment never stops.

Also, the charging time of this headphone is around 3 hours. You can easily charge the headphone using the cable provided with this headphones & with the help of a power adapter of your phone.

The battery power is around 300mAh, which is sufficient to give power to this headphone for around 8 hours non-stop. The battery of this headphone is non-removable.

Also, there are battery indicators in this headphone. It will turn blue while using it & during charge. The indicators will indicate if the battery is fully charged or not. You can easily notice it.

So, in our article of boAt Rockerz 400 Review, this was all about the battery segment.

Battery Life Rating: 8/10


This headphone comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which ensures excellent connectivity & range. It will give you a wireless range of about 10 meters.

Also, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack available on the right earcup. With the help of this jack, you can attach an AUX cable & use it without any interruptions while your battery is dead.

So, boAt rockerz 400 can be used wirelessly & with wire. If you are looking for the connectivity strength of boAt rokerz 400, then you can see this segment of our article.

Connectivity Rating: 8/10

Hands free Calling & Mic

I must say that this is one of the most shitty parts of this headphone. The hands-free calling experience is just the worst. The other side guy won’t be able to hear your voice properly.

If you often do hands-free calling with your wireless headphone, I suggest you refrain from buying them.

It has an inbuilt microphone on one of the earcups, which is inefficient.

Hands Free Calling & Mic Rating: 4/10

BGMI with boAt Rockerz 400 or PUBG Performance

I have played a lot of games with this headphone. Especially BGMI & PUBG. I must say that I have got a great performance while using boAt Rozkerz 400 during BGMI or PUBG gameplays.

There are two different aspects while using boAt Rockerz 400 in BGMI.

  • Wirelessly: If you use this headphone wirelessly while playing BGMI or PUBG, you will feel a bit of sound delay. This is because of the Bluetooth. This happens with almost all headphones working wirelessly.
  • Wired: This feature I just love it. If you are playing PUBG & using this headphone with an AUX cable, then you won’t feel any sound delay & the sound of footsteps would be clear.

So, I would suggest you use these headphones wired while playing BGMI or PUBG. boAt Rockerz 400 provides excellent performance in BGMI or PUBG gameplays. The sound quality is crystal clear & the footsteps are heard from quite far.

Also, the microphone works amazingly while playing BGMI or PUBG. I don’t know why the mic doesn’t perform well during calls.

So, this was BGMI performance on our list of boAt Rockerz 400 Review.

BGMI or PUBG Rating: 7/10


You will get a one year warranty with this headphone. The best part about the warranty is that if you face any problem during the warranty period, you will get a free replacement.

So, in the warranty period, if it doesn’t work good, you will get a new one.

Besides, if you live in the city area & service centre near you, you need to visit the service centre for replacement.

But, if you live in a remote area, then you will get a doorstep pick-up & delivery warranty service. Isn’t it amazing?

Final Verdict

So, this was all from my side on this boAt Rockerz 400 Review. I have tried to include every aspect which I have felt in this headphone.

My Opinion: If you need budget-friendly music headphones, you can blindly go with boAt Rockerz 400 headphones. If you have a budget of around 1000Rs., then you can consider going for these headphones.

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