How to Pick a Wall Fan

Fans are, without a doubt one of the most essential household appliances in a tropical country like India. People here naturally crave and require the finest fans for keeping themselves cool, but not everyone has enough household space or budget to have a ceiling or pedestal fan. Even though air coolers and air conditioners pose a tough threat for fans in general, for a developing nation such as India, fans are much more of a feasible option for the common folk.

How to Pick a Wall FanIn such situations, your best choice would be a wall fan, which is known for being compact along with providing perfect air circulation and cooling for small rooms. Wall-mounted fans function slightly differently compared to ceiling fans. They circulate air by pushing it in a horizontal direction, unlike the downward draft of ceiling fans. All things considered, picking the perfect wall fan is easier said than done, because there are various aspects and features one needs to bear in mind. If this is your concern, look no further, our in-depth analysis is here to aid you in choosing just the right wall fan suited to your needs.

Features To Consider While Picking A Wall Fan

Size and Position

The very primary factors you need to consider while choosing a wall fan is its size followed by positioning. It is important to consider size so that your wall fan provides adequate ventilation for the room. Fans come in various sizes and usually do not follow the ‘one size fits all’ rule. Typically, a fan having around 400 mm sweep should be appropriate for most rooms.

For residences with limited floor and ceiling space, wall fans can be a great option for ventilation as they do not take up the ceiling or floor space. Wall-mounted fans may be a more feasible option compared to ceiling fans at some places such as kitchens, garages, restaurants, outdoor porch, and such. And since every outdoor and indoor location has varying airflow requirements, one needs to be careful about factors such as size, available space, speed, oscillation, adjustable angles, etc. Based on the size and positioning of the wall fan, the circulated air may not reach very far, and they may be unable to move warm air from the ceiling. So while purchasing a wall fan one must consider the placement of the fan, to ensure proper airflow.

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Speed and Oscillation

Speed and the control of speed are two of the top features you need to bear in mind while purchasing wall fans. A speed too fast may be too noisy especially for a small space or the wind speed may disturb light objects in the room. In case the speed settings are too low, there would be improper air circulation and ventilation. And if there are multiple people involved then they might have different requirements for fan speeds. So it’s best to make sure the wall fan comes with multiple speed control settings so that you are able to adjust according to your requirement. You may also wish to opt for a fan that comes with remote control for further ease of use in controlling speed so that you don’t need to constantly get up to adjust speed.

Oscillation is a feature that is of the utmost importance when it comes to wall-mounted fans. We would suggest it is best to get a fan where oscillation can be turned off and controlled so that you can get the fan to circulate air in the direction suited to your needs. But not everyone may require a fan with an oscillation feature (in case you sit in a specific place and only need air to blow in one direction), so depending on your needs you may choose to get a fan without oscillation as well. Most wall fans also come with an adjustable head or neck, which will let you adjust the airflow manually in case you deem the oscillation feature unnecessary.

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Build And Durability

Durability is another important factor you may want to consider while looking for a wall fan. In our opinion, you may opt for more durable wall fans for your offices or outdoor usage. But there are also sturdy yet lightweight and decorative wall mounted fans may be more well suited to enhance interior aesthetics. Overall, lightweight fans, usually made of plastic, are considered ideal as long as it is not too flimsy in build. Regardless, we would recommend making sure that you are purchasing a wall fan with higher durability, made of the best material over aesthetic features.

Additional Features

In general, wall fans are fairly simple and do not come with complex features that need in-depth understanding prior to purchasing. However, there are still high-end wall fans that may surprise you with their impressive extensive features, from powerful motors for reduced noise and increased energy efficiency to fancy remote control. Although the remote control feature is not a necessity for most wall fans, a lot of the latest models do have the option. So, in case, you are on the tech-savvy side you may want to look into these features, especially if they come under the same price range, before shelling out the dimes as there is obviously no harm in getting more bang for the buck.

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We hope that our analysis will be helpful for you to choose the best wall fan that will suit your needs. This should also give you an idea that it is not exactly an easy task to pick wall fans. This should also help you understand whether wall fans are the right way to go or whether you might be better off with a ceiling or pedestal fan. In case of any electrical appliance, please be sure of your needs, check the space, oscillation, and other important features mentioned by us. It is also important to choose a reputed seller before purchasing as they would be able to guide you further to choose the right wall fan. As a final thought, be sure to check for a warranty as well before purchasing because this will ensure you are protected from extra maintenance charges if any.